American Flag Mine Cabin

Also once known as the Mojave Hilton, I couldn't find any history on the American Flag Mine or the cabin. I first visited the cabin in 2011 before any repairs had been done on it. I stopped by for visits in 2016 and 2022. You can see the work done to the place in my photos.

Volunteers and NPS staff have made repairs and cleaned up the place (The cabin is inside the Mojave National Preserve). The cabin has a couple of bunk beds and a 55-gallon drum stove, and that's it! I don't recommend staying here. The mice have taken over, and there is a definite risk of Hantavirus. The place needs a good cleaning and some mouse-proofing. However, the cabin has a great view of the Eastern Mojave Desert and makes for a nice solitary spot to camp.

Bunk beds in 2022

The mine shafts are gated. And the road out there is actually not too bad. A bit rocky, but a full-sized truck could get there. I wouldn't take a passenger car, though.