If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this site or if you know of any remote locations that I could include on this site, please let me know. I don’t respond to every comment, but I try.

Frequent and infrequently asked questions

  • If a site name is in "quotes", it is misnamed on purpose. Some sites are sensitive, or I've been asked not to disclose its location.
  • The best way to protect and preserve rock art sites is education. The internet has changed many things. People can find just about any place on the internet now days through various means. Also, see Rock Art Etiquette.
  • I believe if you tell people about the history of places, they will appreciate these places more. Treat what you find with respect and leave it for the next explorer to discover.
  • Old trips are posted as I get to them.
  • I'm a hiker. I am not an expert on mining equipment. If you see something I've misidentified, let me know.
  • Wonder how I find all of these places? I do a lot of exploring and research. Check out my Recommend Reading page for some suggestions.
  • Interested in having your trip report on this site? See the Contribute page.
  • I am not on social media much. Instagram @guystarbuck and Facebook at Starbuck's Exploring
  • Please consider supporting this site by subscribing. I can't do this without your help. You can also donate on Patreon.
  • You can cancel anytime on your account page.
  • Your avatar is controlled by Gravatar.
  • If you would like to use any material or photos contained here, please contact me and I will try to be of some assistance. Do not use my photos, text, or videos without asking permission.
  • Please don't ask me for locations.

There are still wild places out there. Go out and explore them.


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