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AZ Grand Canyon - Starbuck’s Exploring
Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Strip Country, and country north of the I-40
AZ Painted Desert - Starbuck’s Exploring
Arizona’s Painted Desert - Dinetah and Hopi lands
AZ Sonoran Desert - Starbuck’s Exploring
The Sonoran Desert of Arizona


California Coastal

CA Californias North Coast Ranges - Starbuck’s Exploring
Californias North Coast Ranges
CA California’s Central Coast and Valley - Starbuck’s Exploring
CA California’s Central Coast and Valley
CA Southern California Coast and Mountains - Starbuck’s Exploring
Southern California’s Coasts and Mountains

California Sierra Nevada Mountains

CA Lake Tahoe and Northern Sierra - Starbuck’s Exploring
Lake Tahoe, Plumas, and the Modoc Country north of US 50 in northeastern California.
CA Yosemite and Central Sierra - Starbuck’s Exploring
California’s Central Sierra Nevada Mountains, including Yosemite National Park. Generally north of Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, and the San Joaquin River. And south of Highway US 50.
CA Sequoia and Southern Sierra - Starbuck’s Exploring
The Southern Sierra Nevada, including Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Generally south of Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, and the San Joaquin River.

California Death Valley

CA Northern Death Valley - Starbuck’s Exploring
Northern Death Valley, including the Cottonwood, Inyo, and White Mountains
CA Southern Death Valley - Starbuck’s Exploring
Southern Death Valley region, including the Greenwater, Funeral, Black, Owlhead, Panamint, Argus, and Coso Ranges.

California Deserts

CA Western and Central Mojave - Starbuck’s Exploring
California’s Western and Central Mojave Desert, including the Mojave Trails National Monument
CA Eastern Mojave - Starbuck’s Exploring
California’s Eastern Mojave Desert, centered on the Mojave National Preserve
CA Joshua Tree - Starbuck’s Exploring
Joshua Tree National Park and the surrounding area
CA Anza Borrego and Southern Deserts - Starbuck’s Exploring
Anza Borrego and the Southern Deserts of California


CO Northwest Colorado - Starbuck’s Exploring
The Park Range, West Elk Mountains, and Wyoming Basin regions of Colorado
CO Southwest Colorado - Starbuck’s Exploring
The San Juan Mountains and Uncompahgre Plateau of Southwestern Colorado


ID Central Idaho - Starbuck’s Exploring
Central Idaho, including the Sawtooths and Frank Church Wilderness


Lost - Starbuck’s Exploring
These are places so sensitive that I can’t even share their regions because either I’ve been asked not to, or they would suffer too much damage.


MT Central Rockies - Starbuck’s Exploring
The Central Rockies of Montana


NV Western and Central Nevada - Starbuck’s Exploring
Western and Central Nevada. South of the I-80, north of US 6, and west of Eureka.
NV Eastern Nevada - Starbuck’s Exploring
Eastern Nevada
NV Southern Nevada - Starbuck’s Exploring
Southern Nevada


UT Canyonlands and Southeast Utah - Starbuck’s Exploring
Canyonlands and Arches National Parks and surrounding Southeast Utah
UT San Rafael Swell and Tavaputs Plateau - Starbuck’s Exploring
San Rafael Swell, Sinbad Country, and the Tavaputs Plateau
UT Western Utah Desert - Starbuck’s Exploring
The Western Utah Desert. West of the I-15.
UT Zion and the Grand Staircase - Starbuck’s Exploring
Zion, Bryce, Grand Staircase, and parts of Capitol Reef National Park and Monuments

Region Map

Regions - - CalTopo

Overview Map of the regions I use