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Atlanta Millsite

This modern gold and silver mill had been in operational stand-by for the last few years. This district and mine, however, are old ones. Gold and silver were discovered in the area around 1869, but the mining camp at Atlanta didn’t come until 1907. The mines have been worked intermittently ever since. The current owner was looking to sell or lease the property. There are still plenty of proven gold reserves in the ground.

In 2010, we were out exploring in the area and stopped by. And after talking to the caretaker who lives on-site for a while, he gave us permission to go and check out the equipment and buildings. We were thrilled and jumped at the chance. He was a really nice guy. We didn’t stay too long as we had other places to see that day but this was a highlight of our trip.

Unfortunately, as of 2014, the mill building has been torn down. Please enjoy my photos below.

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Guy has hiked the deserts and mountains of the southwestern U.S. for more than twenty-five years. In that time, he has found hidden and remote locations that don't see many visitors.
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