Eureka Croesus Mine

Not far from the Diamond Tunnel, is the Eureka Croeus Mine also known as the California Tunnel. Setup in the 1870s (in the early days of the mining district), it was never a large operation but interesting today because of the equipment left behind.

Inside the hoist house, a double drum hoist and duplex air compressor sit idle. It is interesting to see them still in place after all these years but even more so when you note that they were steam-powered. It’s rare to find early day steam-powered equipment anymore. These are old indeed.  The boiler and all the other equipment used in the works have long since been removed, which is a shame.

Inside the Hoist House at the Eureka Croesus Mine

The Eureka Croesus portal is caved. The shaft here is also in poor ground and unstable.