Holbrook Prospect

I stumbled across this remote mining prospect and cabin site in the wilds of Death Valley. I’ve looked through my books but I couldn’t find any information on this place. Judging by the debris, the cabin dates from the 1950s or earlier but I’m only guessing. Someone lived here for a while though and developed this prospect. No one has been here for a long time. I certainly didn’t see any modern trash or even any footprints.

The site consists of a fallen-over wooden cabin, a few glass jars, cans, a bed frame, part of a couch, and the remains of an old Holbrook propane stove. Above the cabin is a small copper prospect consisting of two short shafts and the remains of an ore chute. I suspect there used to be an ore bin at the mine but judging by the heavy timber washed down the canyon it was destroyed long ago by a flash flood.


This type of trip is my favorite; a long and interesting walk in a desolate country. Travelers who wander out here will be rewarded, not only with the remains of a mysterious mine site but also with a short section of narrows and some very colorful geology. Please leave everything you find for the next explorer to discover.