Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

Parowan Gap is a narrow pass in a low set of hills that must have served as a natural corridor. The rocks at the narrowest part are covered in petroglyphs. The site is easy to reach but not remote. Still, it is an interesting spot to visit as a few petroglyphs are unique. The place seems very plain at first, but it has a spiritual feel if you stop and relax for a while.

Most of the petroglyphs seem to be from the Archaic period, but Fremont and Anasazi styles are represented as well. There is an interesting article on the site and some of its stories and legends in a 1940 edition of Desert Magazine.

There are a couple of different theories on the prominent "V" glyph. One is that it is a solar calendar, and the tick marks are for each day. Another story comes from the Utes, where the glyphs tell a great migration story. It says that the tribe came from the northwest to the Colorado River, which they couldn't cross. They then traveled northeast until they could find a good place to ford. Ticks mark stops along the way.