Up in the high country of the Eastern Sierra and south of Bridgeport, is the old site of Ward. Never a big mine or camp but it makes an interesting place to visit in that a stamp mill still remains there. It's also a bit of a challenge to get to. I'm surprised that not more people know about it.

There is little left up there. Weather and visitors have taken their toll. The mining camp sits at 9,850 ft and only has a small log cabin ruin remaining. The nearby stamp mill was once water powered and unusual in that it was a four-stamp instead of five. The mine itself is up near the crest of the Kavanaugh Ridge at 10,640 ft. In 1917, the mine had a 210 ft incline shaft and a 210 ft adit on the 100-ft level with 150 ft and 100 ft drifts. The mine is now reclaimed.