Bernard and Little Berdoo Peaks

Nestled in the remote backcountry of Joshua Tree National Park lie Bernard and Little Berdoo Peaks, two seldom-visited summits with incredible views. This adventurous cross-country ramble climbs up rugged canyons and rocky ridges to reach these two peaks. The views are the reason to be up here.

Down below, but not visited on this hike, are the ruins of Berdoo Camp. Established in 1933 as a base for workers constructing the massive Colorado River Aqueduct project, this short-lived settlement once housed over 150 men in dormitories and cottages. It even boasted a state-of-the-art 35-bed hospital complete with air-conditioning. Nothing of the camp remains today. However, the Metropolitan Water District erected a triangulation station on Little Berdoo Peak as part of surveying for the aqueduct in 1931, which you can see traces of today.