Beveridge Ghost Camp

Beveridge… A legendary mine camp. Probably more than anything because it is so difficult to reach, the trail is strenuous, the hike long, and time is always an issue, but the views are unparalleled, and the sense of accomplishment is unmatched.

We started hiking early in the morning one spring day. It took us six hours just to reach the camp. We did this hike as a fourteen-hour day hike, but it is far better suited as a backpack. Regardless, you will need to get an early start on the trail. It is faint and disappears quickly after the sun drops behind the mountains. Getting off the trail and getting stuck on a rocky cliff is easy. Be prepared.

I know so much more about the area than I did back in 1996 when I took these photos. One day, I need to go back sometime and explore the area more thoroughly. And contrary to rumors, a helicopter did not steal a piano from Beveridge. It was really a pot-belly stove.