UT, Grand Staircase and San Rafael Swell

Black Dragon Pictographs

This site is set a little ways back inside of an impressively deep canyon. The site got its name because one of the main pictograph designs resembles a dragon or pterodactyl. Researchers have discovered however that group of pictographs are a collection of five separate images overlapping with each other: One is a bug-eyed person (found in Barrier Canyon sites), the others are of a sheep, a dog and a snake-like creatures.  Nearby, and under a large overhang is a whole wall of Fremont style pictographs. Some symbols look like corn, but there are many counting marks, hand prints, tracks and figures. The site has a mix of pictographs from the Fremont and Barrier Canyon styles. They were around until 1300 AD.

A high clearance vehicle is required to reach the site and the canyon can have some quicksand after a good rain but otherwise it is easy to reach and a fantastic site.

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