Red Hole Wash Pictographs

After a long hike across empty sand flats and through desolate canyons, we found a small alcove with a few Fremont figures and a six-color rainbow pictograph on the back wall. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The site is way out in the middle of nowhere with no remarkable features nearby, just another nondescript canyon in the Utah wilderness. We rested in the shelter of the alcove and wondered why it was there and at that particular spot. Perhaps it was a rest stop along a long trail?

Not far from the pictographs, we spotted a faint historic inscription: “Cornelius Jensen 1898”. Well, at least a couple of people have passed this way before.

The silence of the place was remarkable. The only sound was the timeless movement of wind against canyon walls in a vast sea of red sandstone. It is an incredible place.

No directions to this site, but there are clues.