Blue Sun Pictograph Cave

My friend Don Austin coined the name "Blue Sun Cave." The Kumeyaay people once lived here. And even though there is no water nearby, the shelters created by the massive granite boulders provided a welcome home in this harsh desert.

Blue Sun Pictograph

The pictographs are considered to be the La Rumorosa and San Luis Rey styles, which are typically abstract designs and simple anthropomorphs. Researchers and archaeologists have dated the style to after 1500 AD. This site is impressive in that an unusual amount of colors were used to draw the symbols. The typical red, orange, and black are here, but the yellow and white are more uncommon. The presence of blue is very rare indeed.

One pictograph appears to be a Spanish cross. This pictograph is unique in my experience and suggests it was painted post-contact with the Spanish missionaries. This follows in line with the style dating.

This site is irreplaceable, and I'm not giving directions to it. If you visit, please respect it. Take only photographs and leave only footprints.