June 2021 News

I couldn't get Wordpress and Patreon to play nicely together, so I've ditched them both.

Since I started this site twenty-four years ago, it's undergone many changes. I used to hand-code the site myself. First, it was just in HTML, then with PHP. CSS didn't even exist back then.

It remained that way for many years until Wordpress came along. Wordpress was a huge advancement that allowed me to do much more than I could ever have done without it, but it also had limitations. Most of those limitations were overcome by using plugins... a lot of plugins.

I'm testing out a new platform with a built-in subscription service tied to Stripe. I hope you continue to come along with me and support my efforts. I couldn't do it without you.

Most posts on the site now will require a paid subscription to see the full text and photos. Some will have GPS and directions; some will not.

See the Sample Trips page for sample trips with maps and photos.

Sample Trips - Starbuck’s Exploring
Here are some sample trips. Historical sites tend to have maps and directions. Prehistoric sites don’t. This site is reader-supported. A lot of work goes into this site. Please help me keep it sustainable, interesting, and ad-free. Thanks for your help!

There are only a few old posts on here right now. I am adding them as I have time or by request. It will take some time to get posts back up, and I will add directions as I can.

Thank you!


Cover photo is from a recent trip to Mitchell Caverns.