May 2024 News

It's been a mostly quiet two months since the last update. I've been out and around in Death Valley and working on Joshua Tree posts.

New Trips

1834 Rocks
There are still some enduring mysteries in Death Valley. One of them is the 1834 Rocks. These puzzling inscriptions, found at three sites and separated by a wide distance, each bear a unique combination of symbols: a date, a cross, and a chalice, with an enigmatic “SP” monogram at all
California Riding and Hiking Trail
The California Riding and Hiking Trail was part of an ambitious 1940s California State Parks project to create a statewide trail network. Due to land ownership issues, it was never completed. However, the sections within Joshua Tree are complete and provide an excellent opportunity for experienced hikers to explore the
Covington Crest
The Covington Crest trail offers a short but rewarding trek into a little-visited corner of Joshua Tree National Park. It is an easy 3-mile round trip hike that rambles through some of the park’s largest Joshua trees. The trail culminates at a dramatic precipice overlooking the canyons of the Little
Warren Peak
Warren Peak is a pleasant hike in the quiet northwest corner of Joshua Tree National Park. At 5,103 feet, it is the 10th highest peak in the park. From its top, you can see panoramic views of Mount San Jacinto and San Gorgonio down into Coachella Valley and the
Lost Rhodes Mine
In 1886, Albert G. Rhodes and his partner located a promising silver prospect in the remote southeast end of the Black Mountains (Also, see the nearby Rhodes Spring Cabin). After hauling a single 1200-lb. load of ore to Daggett, Rhodes and a group of prospective investors vanished in the desert
Deadwood Mine Camp
The Deadwood Mine, located in the Deadwood mining district of Valley County, Idaho, was a significant lead-zinc producer in the early 20th century. We made a brief stop here in 2020 on our way to some other mine camps in the area. The mine’s history can be traced back to

Updated Trips

Hidden Forest Cabin
Nestled deep within the Desert National Wildlife Refuge of southern Nevada is the historic Hidden Forest Cabin. This rustic log cabin, built in the late 1800s, has stood witness to the area’s rich history and now serves as a remote refuge for hikers and nature enthusiasts. The Hidden Forest Cabin’s