CA, Death Valley

Secret Panamint Tunnel

In 1991, I found this little mining tunnel high in the Panamint Mountains, west of Death Valley. This adit is unique because it is filled with water and flowstone. It was beautiful inside.

Tunnels like this in mines are rare, especially in the desert. Hopefully, the flowstone will continue to grow and create new formations. Not too many folks know about this hidden and certainly seldom visited spot. I believe it might be sealed in now. I'll have to re-visit it someday.

I originally wasn't going to post this site but I added it by request. These old photos are scanned-in and dusty, so the quality isn’t that great.

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About Guy Starbuck

Guy has hiked the deserts and mountains of the southwestern U.S. for more than twenty-five years. In that time, he has found hidden and remote locations that don't see many visitors.
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