Virginia May Mine

The Virginia May Mine (also known as the Horn Mine) had been on my "To Do" list for years. It was never a high priority, but its remoteness called to me. Located in the southern Turtle Mountains of California, it is out in the middle of nowhere, and there is not much else around. Still, I knew there was once a mine camp there at an old spring, and an ore bin still stood high on the mountain.

Also, there is a story that the mine was discovered and worked by one of the Earp brothers (as in Wyatt Earp). Wyatt Earp did indeed have a small house in nearby Vidal Junction and owned claims in the Whipple Mountains to the east, so it could be true, but I couldn't find any more evidence about it.

The mine worked for a few years, sometime around 1900, for high-grade copper. It went idle, and then it was worked again sometime in the early 1950s.


Anyway, that was enough of a reason for me to go out there and explore it. Having told you all of this, and now, having been there, I can tell you something else… Don’t bother going.

The mine really isn’t worth hiking to. It’s just not. It has a pleasant view, and it was a good walk out in the desert (although it was really windy when I was there), but there really isn’t any reason to go there; not much is left except for an old car or two.

1940s Cadillac

So, having given you fair warning about the site. I’ll tell you how to get there anyway. And if you don’t go, you can enjoy my photos.