White Mountain City Ridge Cabin

One day in late 2010, Ed and I decided to hike to some old mine sites above White Mountain City. The mines in this area are from the same time period as White Mountain City but farther away from the old ghost town, so we didn’t expect to find much up there.

We were right. There isn’t much up here but we did find a few small mines and prospects, as expected. We were surprised, however, to also find some old rock cabins.

I couldn’t track down any information on these minor workings. The mines and ruins probably date to the 1860s or 1870s, which is the same time period White Mountain City was founded.

We spent a few hours exploring the area. The mines were small and shallow, but they were still interesting to see. The cabins were in only slight better condition. They are all so small, they only would have been used by single prospectors.