NV, Western Nevada and Black Rock Desert

"Wooden Ore Car" Mine

Around 2007, I read a book on Nevada mining history that had a photo with a wooden ore car sitting out front of a mine. “Wow!”, I thought to myself. “That would be an incredible sight to see.” Of course, I immediately set out to find it.  I scoured my notes, looked over maps and asked my friends – No luck.

As most things go, I went on exploring other sites but this one remained on my mind for some time. In 2014, I began to make an active effort to find it. I narrowed it down to a few suspected areas and began exploring every mine and prospect I could find. I covered a lot of ground in the following months and saw a lot of mines; and sometimes persistence pays off.

If you find this site, and I know some already have, please leave everything here for the next explorer to find. I left everything here on purpose. You should too. Finding a prospector’s site just as they left it is rare. Please take only photos and leave only footprints.

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