CA, Joshua Tree

Cary's Sun Cave

Out in the area near Cary’s Castle is a fascinating pictograph site hidden under a large boulder. It took a few long hikes to track it down and, when we finally did find it, we didn’t get back to the trailhead until well after dark.

The rock shelter is just another granite boulder in a field full of granite boulders but hidden inside: Wow! What a surprise! It’s full of pictographs.

It’s a tight squeeze through the entrance and, unpleasantly, it’s full of spider webs and mice droppings. But what it lacks in cleanliness, it makes up for in rock art. Almost the whole of the ceiling is covered in pictographs. The tight quarters make the red and orange symbols difficult to photograph.

Most of the symbols are abstract but an orange and red “sun” dominate the panel.

This is an incredible spot, and we were fortunate to find it.

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