"Circle Sun Ledge" Pictographs

"Circle Sun Ledge" Pictographs
Pictographs hidden under a rock ledge

Hidden on a small and inconspicuous ledge, deep in the Joshua Tree wilderness, is an interesting pictograph site. When we discovered it in 2016, after a lengthy bushwhack, the park archaeologist told us that he believed it was a previously unrecorded site! Huzzah!

The site consists almost entirely of abstract pictographs set along the ceilings of three granite alcoves. Many of them are on the ceiling of the rock shelters and difficult to photograph. I’ve converted many of my photos into D-Stretch images to bring out the designs of the faded pictographs.

D-Stretch image of a pictograph

Check out my friend Peregriff’s excellent post on this site: “Circle Sun” Pictographs who was with us on this trip and co-discovered the site.

Circle Sun pictograph