Golden Age Mine

The Golden Age Mine has several names including Callahan, Deer Horn, and Pataloma. It was really a group of mines, located around 1910. In 1921 the mine was located as the Golden Age and went into production under the Callahan Gold Mining company (unrelated to the great Callahan Mining co of Idaho). The company ran the mine intermittently until 1936. In 1936 a small mill was built roughly 1 mile from the mine. The mill ran on and off until 1951 when it was abandoned. A total of 10,000 tons of ore was produced from the mine which contained 6000 oz of gold.

The site still has a few interesting remnants. The easiest way to get there is from the west, which puts you at the Pataloma tunnel first. The tunnel is collapsed, but the dump provides a wide view of the low mountains nearby. The ore bin is still standing with a small chute above that would have had track running into it at one time.

Ore bin at the lower adit
Chicago Pneumatic compressor

Directly below this adit is what is referred to on the topo map as the “Calahan Mine”. This adit is also collapsed and has a small ore bin outside of it as well. The road past this heads towards the Golden Age camp where the mill was located. This mill is still standing and has some equipment inside.

Mill building