June 2023 News

I've been doing a lot of work on the site since the last newsletter in March. I've brought back the Maps (for paid readers), and I've been going through, updating, and adding many old trips to the maps. It has been a big undertaking. Not all trips have directions or waypoints. I'm using Caltopo.com for the maps. I'm a long-time user and a big fan of their maps. They have an excellent product and I highly recommend them. (Not a paid endorsement. They are just great.)

Sample Trips

Unfortunately, with the addition of the maps, I had to limit access to all of the Free tier posts. If you are not a paid member and want to see what you are missing. Here are a few sample trips with maps.

Sample Trips - Starbuck’s Exploring
Here are some sample trips with maps and directions. This site is reader-supported. A lot of work goes into this site. Please help me keep it sustainable, interesting, and ad-free. Thanks for your help!

New Posts

New posts since the last update in March:

Rob Roy Mine
The Rob Roy Mine is one of the few interesting mining ruins still left in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge (another being the Big Eye Mine). The mine is small and was mainly worked in 1934-1935 and in 1941-1942 when it produced some 435 tons of silver and gold. After
Hoodoo Cabin
The Hoodoo Cabin is a little historic cabin located in the heart of Kofa National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona. I believe it was built in 1940 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and right about the same time that Kofa was established. Apparently, the cabin was built from a kit.
Big Dick Mine (Elliston)
Reader-supported field notes from backcountry explorations of the Western United States
Inyo Copper Mine
Perched above the Lippincott Road in Saline Valley, unknown to most travelers below, is the nearly forgotten Inyo Copper Mine. Once owned by the Inyo Copper Mines and Smelter Company in the early 1900s, ore ranging from 4% to 41% copper was discovered here. The rich ore must have been
Bunker Hill Mine
The Bunker Hill Mine (also known as the Inyo Bunker Hill) was worked for lead, silver, and zinc in the early 20th century. The ore mined during the 1920s and ’30s was particularly rich, containing 30% to 60% lead, 33 ounces of silver per ton, and 0.1 ounces of
Barnwell Petroglyphs
In March of 2023, fellow explorers JP, Darthjenni, and W9JIM invited me on a trip to the Mojave National Preserve. The Mojave Preserve (and the East Mojave in general) is such a great place to off-road, camp, and explore. The park is crisscrossed by graded and 4WD dirt roads that

Updated Posts

Since working on the maps, I've also added GPS waypoints to many old posts. Far too many to list. Some old trips even got renamed.

This site is reader-supported. Thanks again for supporting my work! Your help means I can keep this site up and continue to share places with you.