Lemoigne's Wagon

This took some searching and a few hints from a friend but back in 2008, we went searching for Lemoigne’s Wagon. At first, I thought this wagon was related to traffic on the old Skidoo to Keeler trail. But now, based on research, I’m inclined to believe it was Lemoigne’s. What puzzled me was its location off of the old road as it is. The location just didn’t make sense. A friend suspects that Harry Gower, a Borax miner, and friend of Lemoigne, left it in its current location after Lemoigne's death for its protection.

I revisited the site in 2020 and added photos below. As expected, it is slowly decaying.

I'm not giving directions to the wagon but if you find it, please leave it as it is. It is unbelievably fragile, and the century-old wood is disintegrating before our eyes.

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Lemoigne Mine
Jean François de Lamoignon (shortened to Jean or John Lemoigne), was a black-bearded Frenchman who differed from most of the other early Death Valley prospectors; he was a well-educated mining engineer. He came to Death Valley around 1879 to supervise the Eagle Borax Works. Unfortunately, by the tim…