In September 2015, we packed our daypacks full of water and took a long hike traversing a mountain range. We stopped by a few interesting mines and cabins along the way. This was one of the more unique ones.

This solitary miner’s cabin was quite amazing. All the household items he used on a daily basis are still here: his bed, stove, pots and pans, silverware, cans of food, canteen, hand ax, and even a bellows. Although it is in ruins; it is a fine, and rare, example of a solitary prospector’s life.

I know some of the history of this place and who lived here but I'll withhold that as I’m not giving directions to this place. If you come across it, please leave everything as-is for the next explorer to discover. It is a remarkable site. Everything there is more valuable on-site than on your bookshelf. Thanks.