Outlaw Mine

The Outlaw Mine is one of those places I wanted to go to because it was so remote. I knew there wouldn't be much left at the site, but I still wanted to go and see it. The area is so remote, so desolate. It is one of the most isolated mines in Joshua Tree.

Little is known about the production or ownership of this mine. It was reported to be a gold and silver mine in 1949 and owned by W.P. O'Connor and J.P. Hayes. It had a 100 ft shaft at that time, but only assessment and road work were done. By 1968, it was reported that the mine had two shacks, but the headframe had already fallen into the mine shaft.

Flash floods and winds have flattened this old mine camp

Little is left at the mine today. The buildings have fallen over, and the Park Service has gated the shaft. You'd think this place is so infrequently visited they wouldn't bother, but they did.

View from the saddle into Pinto Basin