CA, Joshua Tree

Ram on Rocks Pictographs

In 2012, I visited a very small native site in the backcountry of Joshua Tree. There is a larger habitation site not far away (which this site is named for). One thing that makes this particular site interesting for the area is the metate and manos sitting out front of the rock shelter. Next to them is a bedrock mortar and maybe even a pestle. A few pieces of pottery are scattered about the area along with some other small debris. Inside of the shelter, there are a few small black, red, and white pictographs. A second shelter is close by.

The pictographs here are so faded that I used a combination of D-Stretch and my own processes to create some false color images. In some cases, they worked pretty well.

Serrano Indians probably lived here but it is possible it was the Chemehuevi, or even the Cahuilla. Please do not disturb this site. All artifacts are protected under the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 and other federal laws. Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

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