South Gold Mill

Clyde Terrell started the South Gold Mining Company, which bought the South Gold mine around 1926 from Frank McMullen. The mine was developed along a 1,000 ft adit (which is now caved), a 500 ft adit, and a 300 ft one. The mill itself was hand-built by millwright Guy Birch of Tonopah around 1938. The mine was worked intermittently until around WWII. I didn’t see much trace of it, but a small tram ran down from the mine to the mill.

Eden's small historic mining camp is next to the South Gold Mill. It was active for only a very short period after 1906. There are a few small wooden cabins still standing there. The Eden mine is in the gulch next to the cabins.

My photos are from 2003 and 2012.