ID, Central Idaho

"Sulphur Dog" Mine

We read about an old mine deep in the forests of Idaho with the remains of a 10-stamp mill and, more interestingly, a "portable" smelter.

Smelters are rare, and it's even rarer to find one deep in the backcountry. And I've never even heard of a portable one.

The mine was first worked in 1880s for silver. A portable smelter was brought to the site in the 1900s with a significant effort. It was fitted with a uniquely designed water jacket. Reports state, however, that it was unsuccessful, so a 10-stamp mill was built next to it to process the ore. The mill and mine were worked only intermittently over the years. Most of the smelter and mill were dismantled in the Depression of the 1930s.

The mine adit is gated but you can see that it is caved a short way in anyway.


I've been asked not to give directions to this mine. Please enjoy my photos below.

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