1932 Slot Canyon Petroglyphs

A good friend gave me some tips on where a set of petroglyphs was hidden in the heart of Joshua Tree National Park. I hadn't heard anything about these petroglyphs and was definitely interested. He asked me to keep its location a secret, though.

After a quick drive followed by an equally quick hike, I came to the starting point of my adventure. It was located upon a high saddle at the edge of an outcrop of granite boulders. Somewhere below was a slot canyon with the petroglyphs.

As I crossed over the saddle, I descended into a maze of narrow passageways. Following a sandy wash between the towering boulders, I eventually arrived at a point where the wash narrowed and cascaded over a small dryfall. There was no easy way in or out.

As I looked around, I noticed a couple of bedrock mortars at my feet and a panel of faint petroglyphs lurking above. This location is a natural tank that traps water after a good rain, making it an attractive stop for the Native Americans.

I was told there was another site here, so I scouted around. Nearby was the entrance to a slot canyon. Blocking the way, however, was a set of guardian mesquite bushes laden with thorns. The mesquites would have been a welcome sight for Native Americans searching for food, but trying to squeeze through them was a different story for me.