Lady Lou Mine

Occasionally, a friend will email me and ask if I have been to some old remote and obscure mine that has been long forgotten by normal, non-desert-obsessed (read: sane) folks. Usually, I haven’t. But occasionally, I actually have. Then, I sort through my photos and books and attempt to scrape together a report or two. This is one of those times.

In late 2005, Alysia, Micah, Mike, Dan, and I were out wandering around the Mojave Desert. We decided to take a short detour and visit this small mine before heading to one of our favorite campsites for the night.

Not much remains at the mine site. A man named C. T. Seburn discovered a four-foot high-grade copper and gold vein here in 1909. After some brief work, the mine fell idle until 1946, when it was worked again.