Contact Mine

Information on these mines is sparse. The Contact claims were located at least by 1921 by Phil Sullivan who was an early pioneer of Twentynine Palms. He filed a homestead there in 1897. (Also see the Silver Bell Mine.)

Phil, with Bill McHaney (see the Desert Queen Mine), reportedly built an arrastra near Twentynine Palms around 1910 to mill the ore. In 1953, the mine was owned by E. M. Reimiller of Twentynine Palms. The mine workings consist of a 50-foot open cut and a 150-foot shaft with a drift on the 50-foot level. It was worked in 1933, 1935, and 1940 for gold.

The mine to the north, which I’m calling the "North" Mine was even harder to find any information on. I couldn’t find its discovery, when it was worked, or even its name! Judging by the debris around the site, I would guess it was worked as early as the 1890s and as late as the 1930s.