July 2022 News

Since the May 2022 update, I've done some work on updating the look and feel of the site. The site has a new theme (which I'm still thinking about. I'm picky about the way the site looks).

I added a new Search option that I'm very happy about. (See the top of the page.) It's quick and ad-free. Also, I removed the Maps page. I wasn't happy with it. If you want it back, let me know.

I'm still working on adding old stuff that got missed.

In other news, I got Covid. That slowed me down a bit. But I did have a little time to get out and visit the Eastern Mojave.

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New trips since May

Vontrigger Springs
We first visited this site in 2007 with the Dzrtgrls and Dan. I made a return trip when I was in the area recently to check on the site. Also known as Von Trigger Springs, the spring and surrounding hills were first prospected in 1858 (some say the 1870s) by
Big Wall Petroglyphs
In late 2017, my friend JP and I went out exploring in the backcountry of Joshua Tree National Park. On our way to another site, we stopped at a small petroglyph site in a wash that we are calling the “Big Wall Petroglyphs”.
Duct Peak
Back in early 2016, I dusted off my peak-bagging boots and decided to climb up the 3,137 ft Duct Peak. It’s a small peak in the far eastern part of Joshua Tree in what I call the “Empty Quarter” of the park. This section of the park is undeveloped
American Flag Mine Cabin
Also once known as the Mojave Hilton, I couldn’t find any history on the American Flag Mine or the cabin. I first visited the cabin in 2011 before any repairs had been done on it. I stopped by for visits in 2016 and 2022. You can see the work done
Ward Stamp Mill
Up in the high country of the Eastern Sierra and south of Bridgeport, is the old site of Ward. Never a big mine or camp but it makes an interesting place to visit in that a stamp mill still remains there. It’s also a bit of a challenge to get
Sunnyside Mill
Deep in the forests of central Idaho and almost entirely surrounded by the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness is the Sunnyside Mine. Once a large mine, it has been completely reclaimed. It does have some mill ruins left. Discovered by the Caswell brothers in 1899, they sold the mine
Lucky Turkey Arrastra and Blind Mule Placer Cabin
These mines out in the backcountry of Joshua Tree are a bit of a mystery as very little is known about them. The hike visits a roofless stone cabin first, then heads over to the Lucky Turkey Mine and arrastra, and then finally out to a cabin at the Blind

Updated trips

Scheelite Chief Mine
I’d been wanting to check this mine in the Great Basin region of Nevada ever since I first read about it many years ago. We first visited it in 2010 and it turned out to be an excellent find. There is an empty mining camp with a minor amount

In sad news, my dear friend and author Roger Mitchell passed away while in Alaska recently. We went on quite a few trips over the many years that I've known him. He will be greatly missed.

Myself and Roger