February 2023 News

I forgot to add the Top 10 posts of 2022 to the December 2022 News update, so I went back and added that. I'm also working on the site a bit. And mostly adding trips from Joshua Tree.

New Posts

Sagamore Mine Camp
The Sagamore mine, also known as the New York mine, was a silver, lead, copper, zinc, and gold mine. It was first discovered in the 1870s by Mormons who found rich silver veins in the foothills of the New York Mountains. It is one of the oldest mines in the
Lonely Stones Petroglyphs
On a stormy July day a few years ago I finally went out and visited the Lonely Stones Petroglyph site. As is often the case, it had been on my list of places to visit for years.
Tungstar Mine Tram
This very adventurous hike follows an old mining trail which led to the Tungstar Mine, a 1940s tungsten mine high on the western slope of Mt. Tom, the prominent 13,658-foot peak just west of Bishop. The trail was used in the early days of the mine to build a
Barstow Mine (Red Mountain)
Field notes from exploring backcountry locations of the Western United States
Zombie Woof and the Shipwreck Pictographs
Field notes from exploring backcountry locations of the Western United States

Updated Posts

I added text and photos to these:

Yellow Plug Petroglyphs
This is a small and interesting site not all that far from Las Vegas and in an area, I wouldn’t have guessed would have many petroglyphs. The name originates from a land outcrop of yellow sandstone that the petroglyphs are on. The site has been known for a long
Hess Mine
Not far from the Tioga Pass entrance station to Yosemite National Park lie the remains of the Hess Mine, one of the more accessible 1940s-era tungsten mines in the High Sierra. Three widely-separated claims comprised the mine: the main claim at the north end of Steelhead Lake; a small middle
Joshua Tree Car Wash
Our National Parks aren’t known for their collections of old junked cars… Joshua Tree National Park has a collection though (and so does the Mojave). I heard there were a few wrecked cars out in the vast expanse of the Pinto Basin but I didn’t know how many

I renamed this one. I previously had it as the Blue Jay. I also updated the text.

Copper Queen-Sanger Group Mines
The majority of my trips in 2008 had been out to the more remote parts of Death Valley and this one was no exception. I met up with my dad and Dan for a challenging hike to an old mine site. We started near the Racetrack and crossed over a