September 2022 News

Here are the news and updates since July. It's been a busy couple of months for me personally. I've been busy with home stuff and haven't gotten out like I would have wanted to but that is coming to an end and I'll be headed back out soon.

New Guest Author

I'm happy to welcome my friend JP who has offered to write about one of his adventures here. See The Blueprint Petroglyph.

New Feature

Free trial

You can now do a free 14-day trial of the paid membership tier to see if you like it. During the free trial, you will have the same access as the paid membership.

I also went through and updated all the existing waypoint files to include gpx and kml files. The server wasn't allowing downloads of the gpx files for some reason. They now have their own space on where you can download them.

New trips

Updated trips

So, I was surprised to get feedback on how much the emails for each post were missed. I'll try and go back to doing that more often but I won't send out an email for every post or newsletter. You can always opt out of all emails on your account page (click the account button at the top right of the page).

In the future, I think I will do these news updates once a quarter. The next news update will be at the end of the year in December.

Thanks for your continued support! I can't do it without you.