March 2022 News

Below are the updates since the January 2022 News post.

Site updates:

  • Map! I added a Map page. Maps show the trips that have GPS waypoints and/or directions.
  • I've also added GPS waypoints to over two hundred trips. GPS waypoints are limited to paid subscribers only. I will be adding more. It's a work in progress.
  • Directions. Some trips have detailed directions in addition to GPS waypoints. Directions are limited to paid subscribers. I will be adding more as time goes by.

New trips

Hexahedron Mine
Sometime before 1894, Al Tingman (“The Father of Indio”) and Ed Holland (of Lost Horse Mine fame) staked claims on some rich gold ore samples high above Pleasant Valley. They sold the mine to Bill and John Garrison who formed the Hexahedron Mining Company. The Company dug a well but
Sky Portal Pictographs
Quite a few hours of bushwhacking are required to reach this remote set of pictographs under a single boulder in the backcountry of Joshua Tree. It is an all day adventure. However, the brightness of the pictographs found here are rare. Most rock art in Joshua Tree is faded from
Martin Crossing Cabin
I’ve been to this cabin in the backcountry of Death Valley National Park a couple of times over the years. The first time I visited was in 2006 with Dan. More recently, I made a return trip in 2022. It is a moderate hike but getting close to it with
Rattlesnake Canyon Smelter and the Heartbreak Ridge Arrastra
Most people interested in the old mines of Southern California know about the old “Spanish” smelter on the eastern edge of the San Bernardino Mountains. It is just off Burns Canyon Road in Rattlesnake Canyon and is well-visited. The smelter is old. One report states that it was rediscovered in
Morning Glory Mine (Death Valley)
The Morning Glory Mine is a neat little mine high up in the pinyon pines of Trail Canyon. It’s not easy to reach, so it doesn’t get as much visitation as other places in Death Valley. You really have to want to go there. And despite the long hike and

Updated trips

Bennettville Ghost Camp
Bennettville (once called Tioga) was a small mine camp that had that typical ghost town story of boom and bust of a big strike that never panned out. Part of the Tioga Mining District, Bennettville was built to support one mine, the Great Sierra, and its famed Sheepherder lode. They
Magnolia Mine (Helene)
The Magnolia Mine is an old one. It was discovered in 1891 and developed in 1892 mainly for silver. It is one of the first mines of the Ferguson (later Delamar) district. It was worked just before the larger Delamar Mine a few miles to the south. Over the next
Bass Camp
I first read about this site years ago in a book about mine camps in Nevada. The book didn’t give its exact location, but it did give me an idea. With a little bit of research, I narrowed the camp down to two possible locations. I put them on

And I've made minor updates to many, many others, including renaming a few and correcting dates on old posts.

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