March 2022 News

Below are the updates since the January 2022 News post.

Site updates:

  • Map! I added an Overview Map. This map only shows trips that have GPS waypoints and/or directions. (since removed, I may add it back.)
  • I've also added GPS waypoints to over two hundred trips. Most GPS waypoints are limited to paid subscribers only. I will be adding more. It's a work in progress.
  • Directions. I added a new tag for directions. Some trips have detailed directions in addition to the GPS waypoints. So now you can see which trips only have GPS waypoints and which ones have both. Directions are limited to paid subscribers. I will be adding more as time goes by.

New trips:

Updated trips:

As a reminder, free subscribers get limited access to trip posts. And, will only get emails for the free posts they have access to. Paid subscribers get access to all posts and emails for every post. So, for the price of a cup of coffee once a month, you get access to everything.

Thanks again for supporting my work! Your help means I can keep this site up and continue to share places with you. Also, it means that I get to keep drinking coffee. And I like coffee.